Sunday, March 24, 2013

Big Country,,,,

Abilene, Texas and the surrounding area is referred to as 'Big Country'. You hear this on newscasts, radio station identifications and many advertisements.

Someone of my generation inevitably gets the song, 'In a Big Country' by well, 'Big Country' stuck in their head. It is not quite as haunting as Abba's 'Dancing Queen' (which allows for more customization of lyrics), but lingering none the less.

The chorus begins, 'In a big country, dreams stay with you', and so they do....

One of our dreams was born here


Another got bigger
and bigger
A third was foreign to us, until we arrived here
Not quite certain that all dreams were honorable, ahem 
but when in Texas dream big!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

the Vendetta,,,,

We are very excited about our puppy out of imp. Gail. He is happy, sweet and has been developing as if reading the puppy stages manual,,,,
at two weeks, eyes opened

At exactly three weeks, this past Wed. he started walking

His character is developing and he has started playing a bit. That is what I anticipated with the hedgehog,,,
I hoped to capture one of those precious puppy moments; a photo to treasure in years to come. Instead what I witnessed can only be described as exacting revenge

riddled with growling and biting, it was completely void of any cuteness. It was, well, more like a 'first blood' moment. Which lead to this

pure, unadulterated gloat. Hedgehogs beware!