Tuesday, December 4, 2012

'Second Verse, Same as the First'....

‘A little bit louder, a little bit worse’!

North Carolina is perhaps more beautiful in December than it was last month. We traveled across for a clinic Dec 1 & 2 just outside of Durham, NC—Thank you Christine Koval for the wonderful hospitality. It was an excellent weekend on a beautiful farm with good people, nice dogs and spectacular weather.

The celebration Saturday evening was a Rural Hill reunion of sorts.

Vic was there with her famous martinis, a little bit dirtier. Dee’s smile was even more infectious plus the way she bangs her glass is intoxicating. Ginger reminded us that still waters run deep and Alasdair was a real cream puff. No, there is no such thing as too much double entendre. Christine needs no word play-she was fun, charming and a wonderful hostess.

Wish we had written a song but ‘Who the eff is Lisa’ is a high bar, plus song writing requires more cerebral thought & less vodka.

We will be in North Carolina for several more days but it is already an excellent trip and one we hope to make again soon!

Christine & Ben holding for Kathy's DL
Kathy Owen's Johnnie

Ginger Bruton's Sweep
Sally Glei's Lena
photo of Christine's Ben behind the tree--while the picture did not turn out, it struck me as interesting & mysterious, as if it were a painting


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