Friday, April 12, 2013

The Amendment

Our singleton had everything we look for in a puppy and more….for 8 weeks he had distinct blue eyes.
We decided to embrace the variation on tradition and name him after a personal favorite, Frank Sinatra, ol' blue eyes himself.

We waited for weeks to be certain and several assured us that at 8 weeks eye color is set including Lisa Wright (how is that for irony, right??) 
At 8 ½ weeks the blue started to green?!

We found ourselves at a crossroad.
Shakespeare asked, ‘What's in a name’? Reminding us that what you are is far more important than your name, but we have never been a fan of Shakespeare.
Moreover, how could he be the namesake of Sinatra with green eyes?? Change was in order but his stealth predator moves would only allow for so much variation.
Every bit as loveable as Frank of the Serengeti, we would like to introduce:
Kilimanjaro Jaff (really Alba Jaff, non-transferrable!)

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