Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Bluegrass Day 1: 
The Bluegrass Classic SDT held every May in Lexington, KY is among the oldest and most esteemed trials in the country.
Spring time in the Bluegrass is incredibly picturesque. The organization and hospitality are second to none and the Texas yearlings are an excellent test of the dogs. Foremost thank you to the KBCA and everyone that made this year possible!

Special recognition to Susan Carvalho, Paul and Leigh Anne Tucker, Rusty Krieder, the tremendous set out crew and the tireless volunteers. These are a few key contributors and we realize there are countless others-you are all very much appreciated!
Masterson Station's bowl shaped field is as pristine as ever and the cross Suffolk yearlings extremely healthy.
The morning began with moderate temperatures and quickly warmed to the high 80’s with sunshine and high wind. The yearlings were touchy and a bit difficult to predict at the start.
The first very good run was Mindy Bower with Possum. They made what looked to be a very difficult time of day to run look effortless and scored a commendable 81. 
I was up soon after with Max in the 10th slot. The sheep ran unexpectedly upon the lift,,,and ran and ran.
Max interpreting the big come bye flank as set up for the turn back (and waiting for it) was not helpful. In fact, it caused the sheep to bolt past me on the wrong side of the post.
A dreadful beginning, I had been on this side of a poor start in years past. My goal was to start the drive in an effort to piece together a run with a passable result for the 2 score cumulative trial.
I brought the sheep back around to my side of the post and planned to take the point loss per the USBCHA Guidelines as I had already lost so many on my fetch. As with all best laid plans there was a small snag, the judge was not utilizing the guidelines and he DQ’ed me instead- my fault, tough lesson learned the hard way!


Kristi, this one is for you!
The sheep would prove to get better and then not so good again and finally very forgiving by the end of the evening or at least until about run 58 (I missed the last 10). Lorna savage had a gorgeous run #53 to score a 94. Earlier in the day I missed Joyce Geier who scored a strong 93 but was there and absolutely thrilled for Alasdair with Sweep who ran great and scored a 90. Missouri also provided another high score with Larry Moore and Bee on an 89.

The Open Ranch had its own challenge with fresh yearlings on the tricky terraced novice field. Alasdair and I are running litter mates. I have Nell and he is running Renee Newcomb’s, Skye (Star X my Cap). Both are nursery dogs and today was their first time away from home.
Nell finished 8th in OR with Skye just a few behind and Nell won the Nursery with Ron Enzeroth and Mick in 2nd place.
A very long and great day of dogs, tomorrow begins with the conclusion of Open I at 6:30 sharp, OR II & Nursery II.

Renee Newcomb's Skye

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