Tuesday, February 11, 2014

MacRae Way: Starting Young Dogs, An ON-LINE Training Course

For those that train young dogs or those interested in our methodology, we have a new on-line sheepdog training course!
We have  a fundamental belief that how you start your young dog and early training can have a profound impact on your dog achieving his/her full potential.
Our objective in the The MacRae Way: Starting Young Dogs module is to provide enough information to enable a handler to start a young dog as well as an understanding of the foundation & philosophy of our training system; which sets the stage for all of our more complex training. 

This course is aimed at those actively starting a young dog, those preparing to start a dog as well as handlers interested in understanding our system, which we have used successfully for a combined 40 years. 
Just as we learn from others to improve aspects of our approach we feel there are many valuable pieces of our method that can be integrated into other training systems.

This first module is our most comprehensive and sets the stage for upcoming releases. 
Our philosophy, emphasizing balance point, begins with our dogs first exposure to sheep. We are far more concerned with helping our dogs become all that she or he can be in the long term rather than a dog that peaks young. 
This begins with the foundation and our system is important to realizing a dogs full potential particularly when training on dog-broke the sheep.

Additionally what we train in the round pen establishes a system that we are able to utilize in training such as outruns, blind turn backs, bends and strong shedding skills. This will be elaborated on in future respective courses.
In the first course we show 4 HR of video footage with 6 different dogs at various stages. We include quantifiable exercises you can replicate at home. The course is delivered via live stream video and viewable 24/7 for the duration of  the subscription. It is not available as DVD or as a download. 
Our introductory offer makes this course available for 8 weeks and should you like to repurchase this course at a later date there will be a discount identified by your single sign-on.

In producing our own training courses we strive to bring you a much more complete offering with courses broken down by each aspect of training and available in a 'shopping cart' format. Future modules include instruction on: Flanks, Outrun, Drive, Shed, Bends, Turnbacks and more. 
I hope to also have Alasdair do armchair conversations on theory  and stories of legendary dogs and handlers. 

In addition to viewing on your computer our product does support HTML 5 playback on mobile operating systems such as iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Android, and Windows Phone.
For Our Introductory Offer and Details on our on-line training please go to our website, The MACRAE WAY: Starting Young Dogs

Our Promotional Video can be viewed, HERE as well.

Enjoy the journey!

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