Friday, July 4, 2014

New ON LINE Training Course, MacRae Way: The Outrun

We have a new ON-LINE training course, MacRae Way: The Outrun, available now. The Outrun module provides effective tools and exercises for encouraging the Outrun, extending the Outrun and instruction expressly intended for the expert trainer looking to widen an outrun.

Promo Video, THE OUTRUN

Through 90 minutes of video footage this course explores how to encourage development for a more natural outrunning dog and provides tools for dogs that need training to achieve an outrun.

We contrast both types, detailing the progression with 5 dogs. We also address how and when to introduce a spotter in preparation for a young dogs first sheepdog trial.  

We believe dogs should be committed to going to balance point and outrunning before driving in earnest and sequentially, ‘The Outrun’ module follows ‘Starting Young Dogs’.

‘Starting Young Dogs’ our is flagship offering and details our systematic  training method with an emphasis on balance point. Because our foundation training makes complex training like sorting the outrun & teaching bends/turnbacks intuitive for the dogs, we reference our training system in ‘The Outrun’ and future courses. However, all courses are valuable independent of one another.

The Outrun is available for $99 with 4 weeks of access.

All courses are being delivered on-line only and will not be available on DVD. For details on 'The Outrun' or 'Starting Young Dogs', please visit MacRae Way, ON LINE Sheepdog Training 

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