Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bling & Ferrytales....

I mentioned when I initiated the blog that I was technology challenged.

Fortunately, a certain Canadian is not only wily but exceptionally handy...

She added some much needed eye candy including pictures + links.

Great time meeting new people and seeing new dogs in Washington. Thank you Sue MacDonald, Susan Crocker and her daughter Alison for everything!

The ferry trip however, proved less than ideal. The crew directs one where to park on the boat and unfortunately they were not using their regular fleet. 
Under their careful guidance they maneuvered us so that a steel beam about 12 feet high demolished the arm of our awning!

Will try to sort this today and off to Lee Lumb's tomorrow.
My maiden trip to Canada, I am excited.
Rumor has it Canadians not only love sheepdogs, they enjoy a good party.
They have planned a wine tasting tour for Friday afternoon. A bit dangerous on the eve of a clinic followed by 2 days of lessons. 
Really, how much trouble could we get into...??!

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