Friday, October 19, 2012

A Song for Canada.....-

I intended to take lots of photographs on my maiden trip to Canada. 
Alasdair wanted to take me to beautiful Banff & Lake Louise along with an excursion to visit Stormy. The princess' had planned a wine tasting..... 

The trip did not go exactly as planned. In fact, it went a bit off the rails.

Not many pictures as there was no camera. 
No RV, no trip to Banff  & Lake Louise, no visiting vineyards, no Stormy.

We had a much sorted 72 hours prior to our arrival. We did make it in time for the clinic and lessons, albeit looking more like the Clampetts than professional dog trainers. We drove into Lee's looking very tattered with our truck, 8 dogs & well used U-haul in tow.

Travels aside, Canada was great. 
Lee, Brian, Carley & Kristi were tremendous hosts. 
In addition to working with good people and nice dogs we had several princess wine tastings--who needs vineyards.  We laughed, wrote a song for a special Albertan and ate cake. 
We beat many a joke to death. We listened to bad music and ate delicious lunches. We left BC with timeless quotes & profound lyrics.
Canadians are wily. They are also hellava lot of fun.

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