Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Macallan 18 yr. old Scotch, never intended as a shooter...

One of the many certainties presented over a hectic 2 weeks.

After a brief stint at home, Alasdair and I went to Lexington, KY. As he headed back to Missouri, I rented a car and set out on a journey.

My plan was to visit Christine at Rural Hill, see my family in SC and catch up with my girlfriends from Clemson Nov 15-18
As I arrived in the Carolinas it felt as it always does, like home.
The foliage was spectacular.

Rural Hill was great fun. Thank you to Dean Holcomb, the set-out crew, Dr. Ben, Millie & all the volunteers.  I brought Max & Cap along for this trip with the hope of garnering some points & mostly to spoil them after a difficult few months; we managed a bit of both.

Congratulations to Alan Higgenbottom won both days with his 11 year old Vic!
71 dogs ran Open I & closer to 50 Open II. Max and Cap were in the top 8 Open I & neither got the breaks in Open II.  I was pleased with their performance. They had not worked sheep in a week but both ran not so bad. The weather was superb, the organization and hospitality were excellent and the encounters in the corn maze, epic.

I was often in the company of Canadians and once again, humor and laughter prevailed.
In addition to the title, many other truths came to light….

Vic Wilcox makes a brilliant dirty martini, virtue is its own reward, brie and blue cheese mix well, Dee’s smile is infectious, envy slays itself, what happens in the corn maze, stays in the corn maze, lawn men are guileful, scotch combined with dog toys are not for the faint of heart, there are not many better endings to the weekend than watching football & snuggling a border collie.

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