Sunday, January 6, 2013

2013, the bigger picture,,,,

Well, the bigger camera anyway. Very much the amateur I am quite excited about the gift Alasdair gave me!

Unfortunately, much like Border collies, I tend to go on instinct and therefore have not read the manual. Thus no pictures, yet! 2013 looks promising for taking photos and video but before looking forward, a look back.
2012 was an exceptional year. The kind that lulls you in with a dose of caffeine and finishes you off with a shot of tequila.

We and our dogs traveled over 25,000 miles.
In Texas we wrote songs, defined Patricide and made videos. Spring brought the best Bluegrass ever, although we did not do that well at the trial. Summer was spent at the Holland’s, Polly’s and Geri Abram’s. I lost my greatest friend, Bear and reflect on all he taught me every day.
The Klamath committee again hosted a great National. On my maiden trip to Canada we fought with border guards, ate cake and asked, ‘who the eff is Lisa?’ We ventured to NC to trial, clinic and create the perfect dirty martini.
We developed new comradeships, spent time with family and friends who have become family. We spent money we have yet to make. It was a year of triumph, heartache, laughter and love. We are very blessed and grateful. Last year especially reminded us what is really important.

Solomon Burke said it best, ‘it is not the grail, but the quest’.

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