Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Intervention (& Website Re-design!)

The profound cultural legacy of the 80’s. From MTV to John Hughes, Bob Marley to Oliver Stone, Morrissey to Michael Lehmann, the music and movies were perhaps the most influential of our generation. Never in another time has the delivery been so brilliant that humor was confused for fatalistic narcissism. 
The impact was epic: Madonna, Pac-Man, the Miracle on Ice, Jerry Rice, Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson, the Reagan years, Rubik’s cube, CNN and six degrees of Kevin Bacon.

Fashion was an entire wardrobe of vintage black, enormous hair and red lipstick. I was passionate about progressive music and Clemson football. My memories from the 80’s are awesome…. As it turns out technology from the 80’s is not.

My dated, tired website design required overhaul, update and revision. It required intervention from a bold, techie, mega-geek genius.

We are still at www.macraesheepdogs.com but with a new look (if the address is saved it may need to be re-entered). THANK YOU Kristi! Like the 80’s you are awesome.



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