Monday, February 25, 2013

The Interuption,,,,

I have not been able to blog for a bit and in part it really is because as good as the weather is in Texas, the AT & T service is equally poor and we have not had connectivity since Feb 11th.

Mostly, though it is because of him:

and him
and her
Clearly no mere mortal was intended to resist Brae. I suspect the same will soon be said of our newest puppy. We imported Gail (above) in pup and her singleton is 2 weeks old, very excited for both of them! Thank you Mike and Stephanie for your help with the airport and keeping her until we arrived. (sorry about early
arrival ;-))
Great time in Texas. Brilliant fields, excellent trials. Due to circumstances I was not able to work my dogs beforehand and as such the closest I can get to the prize list is taking a picture of the winning results!
I will continue to post updates/pictures on Facebook as soon as I get a signal. Alasdair's Li is running extremely well. He and Sweep are partnering great and garnering points. Cap is running strong (every flank he interprets as a 'walk up',only faster!) but I am quite pleased given lack of preparation and Jim is a running a bit excitable but it is excellent experience. The double lift at Burkeys looks to be very challenging & great fun, top 10 combined overall scores from the 5 trials qualify. If the winter blues have you yearning for warm weather & outstanding trials, come on down to Texas!

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