Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Need for More Bars,,,,

'The need for more bars'--could have been a dissertation for many of us in the '80’s! 
Much more tame with middle age, the 'bars' referenced are the measure of cell signal strength on the phone- or in our case, the absence of bars. Without connectivity have been unable to post including the great trial in NC last weekend.

The laptop acquired signal as we were departing NC & I was able to upload some photos from the trial to FaceBook, a practiced process on my PC.
This connection was short lived but my phone looked to have a reasonable signal & I thought I would give that a try.
Smart phones really are amazing and as they do not require as much bandwidth, we are able to do more with less.
This is the snag for me; they enable a false sense of competency.
The result of my technical prowess? I unwittingly managed to delete the very photo album loaded the previous evening, ugh.
Apologies to those copied on photos; I hope to get it right next time & managed to re post a few below.

Dr. Ben’s provided a challenging outrun, brilliant weather and good people. Ann Allen hosted a live twitter feed to relay many of the nice runs over the holiday weekend. Stand outs included Vic Wilcox and Ken Arrendale with both their dogs, Dwight Parker with Craig, Emily Falk with Spain, Bob Washer with Clare and many more. Linda Fogt with Jill put together two runs in the Open as well as a good run with a solid finish in DL to win the NC Championship. Alasdair and I only managed 2 runs in the prize list combined; Alasdair with Sweep in Open II and Jim & I in Open I. We did not compete in the trial with our young dogs but we stayed to watch the Nursery Monday morning. Dee Penatzer with Floss won with a very good run.

Thank you to Emily and Dr. Ben Ousley for their generous hospitality, Dean Holcomb, the entire set out crew and all of those that contributed to put on a great trial!
We enjoyed watching dogs we don’t see often and visiting with friends that live far away. Sunday evening a fun handlers dinner included Vic Wilcox’s reign as the mistress of martinis as well as the Hanley’s providing honey badger enlightenment. We had a fun stay at Dee's Memorial Day and hope to make it back to North Carolina soon.

Laura & fellow connoisseur Trig, the glass is empty but the nose, knows!

Chris & Vic Wilcox

Dee & I anticipate the nectar Vic is swilling above
Have some quick business and the chance to get the young dogs out to a new spot on the road home. The dot on the field below is Renee Newcomb’s Skye. Will be in Missouri until we depart for Geri Abrams excellent trial in New Mexico later this month.

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