Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Pylons and Tigers and Dares, oh My

The start of the month we loaded up the pylons and the dogs and once again dared to cross the Canadian border. This time, however, our phones were not confiscated, our rig was not searched nor our trip detained- in a word, seamless!

The clinic at Chris Jobe's had excellent weather, good people and nice dogs. Thank you Chris and all the participants for a great 4 days.

photo by Michelle Bryan (Kristi you are here in spirit!)

We had a fun visit with Stormy, nearly collected on the bets he owes us and worked a few dogs.

Stormy's young male dog & his Kate

One of the highlights of being home was the visit with Annemarie, Vergil & the Caplettes! (Brooke X Cap)

Another awesome clinic with Polly Simpson-the hostess with the most-est! Always enjoy working with the group in Wisconsin and great to have new handlers join us.
The WWSDA Labor Day trial field is excellent and sheep were in the main, responsive to the dogs. The shed in the final was difficult and the turn back a very good test. Huge thanks to the WWSDA and all that made the trial possible.

An exceptional weekend as Max had a 1st & 2nd in the qualifying, won the overall and was the only dog to get finished in the double lift final, getting 2nd place to Cap. Max will be 12 yrs. old next month and it has been nothing short of a brilliant journey. I am very blessed and incredibly grateful!

Max, photo by Michelle Guderian
Finally, bringing August to a close my alma mater, Clemson knocked off no. 5 ranked Georgia Saturday night-go Tigers!!

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