Tuesday, September 25, 2012

2012 National, Day 1....

A gorgeous morning bled into a lovely afternoon with highs in the low 80's, and a not a cloud in the sky. We started promptly at 8:00 am and finished 38 runs by 5;00 pm
Each lot of sheep was set evenly and timely at roughly 400 yards with a handler/dog team on foot. The field is mostly flat with ample room to cast left or right.

The clock was cut to 13 minutes and the panels were just as deceiving with sheep as they were last night when walked the course at the handlers meeting.

The sheep required more pressure than years past and most packets a bit more difficult to shed. Overall scores were lower than previously in Klamath.

Erin O'Brien had the high score of the day with judges on equal points for a total of 150. Don Helsley had a good run without a pen on 148 and Amanda Miliken completed the course also on 148.

I sadly managed to miss both the drive away and cross drive panel but Max ran well with good lines.  We finished scoring 143.
Haley Hunewill, Michelle McGuire and Beverley Lambert were in the 130's to round out Day 1 top seven. Open begins tomorrow at 8:00 & the Nursery at 9:00. Diane Pagel is updating scores from the handler's tent at http://deltabluez.blogspot.com/

Scrummy dinner at Nibblys, great steak, chardonnay and decadent desserts of many splendor.

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