Thursday, September 27, 2012

2012 National, Day 2....

Wednesday was another day of tremendous weather in Klamath. The morning started brisk and clear with a good run by our new leader, Deborah Milsap scoring 152.
Overall the scores remained low with a number of RT's and disqualifications and the Open field finished at 4:00. Another stand out run was Suzy Applegate, who made a good job of a difficult Suffolk finishing with a 150.

Herbert and Tricia Guidry had nice runs around the course but did not finish and both are on a 137, currently 11th & 12th place. Official scores can be found at

The nursery started with a very good run by Lyle scoring 163 and the current leader. The sheep were used in the Open before being moved to the nursery. The field is beautiful and tricky. For the less experienced dogs it is challenging to show them the sheep prior to their run but many dogs nailed the outrun and made it look easy including Joni Swanke's Sage and Ron Enzoroth's Pete.

I ran Queen, Alasdair's Star X Don. This was her 5th trial and she and I have only been together 4 weeks as we switched (Alasdair running my Jim while i have Queen) mid August. Given short duration of our partnership and her age i was sensitive to asking for too much. She had a good outrun and we put together a nice fetch, good turn and after releasing the pressure to go around the post a Suffolk started to put hard sideways pressure to the left leaving us witha  3-1 split. I decided to retire.

The handlers tent proved exciting late afternoon and included making plans for a BC wine tasting tour. Thursday begins with Vickie Close in the Open at 8:00 am.
Nursery Field

Tricia Guidry's Tipper

Lee Lumb's Gus

Herbert's Juno


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