Saturday, September 15, 2012

Testing, Testing.....

My friend from Canada has been encouraging us to update our News & Events on Blogger rather than our website for months. By 'encourage' I mean cajole, mock, badger--she is no novice to the needling process. I  conceded to her insistence back in May. I have been distracted this summer and did not follow through. It was not intentional and I thought it was a non-event. After all she lives in Canada; how could there be repercussions?
Yesterday I received a very concise e-mail from her with a not so veiled threat referencing my commitment & reminding me I will see her in less than 2 weeks. I had been under the impression Canadians were a peaceful people. Hmmm.

Her recommendation is well founded as Blogger has some great offerings: supports video, data is stored, update alerts, etc.. That is the good news....
The bad news is I am technology challenged. My 9 year old niece can blog, no problem. I had to watch the YouTube tutorial (yes, really). Still you will note the absence of any bells & whistles. Hopefully, I will become more proficient in time.

My goal is to update our blog from the National as well as our excursion afterward which will take us to Washington & British Columbia. Ideally with pictures. Lofty ambitions for me. Canadians are wily.

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